It’s Party Time…

“I need to launch the new season.”

“That’s nice, do you want a cup of tea?”

“I’ve booked the Town Hall”.

Regular Scentsy customers will know that Scentsy have two main seasons, Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer.

These seasons is when new products are launched and old ones retired.

They are also a good time for Independent Scentsy Consultants to let their customers know what is happening.

What The Boss decided to do last year and again this year is to go a bit further and use the new season (Spring / Summer) to thank customers and friends for support.

All I knew was that serious lugging of gear and setup / tear down time was needed.

Here are the basic steps for setting up and hosting the event:

Purpose – The Boss and I decided that this annual event is a way to inform existing and potential and existing customers about the new season and to thank them for their support. Most importantly is not a sales event.  We do not want people to be pressured or obligated to buy anything. If people are to be hammered by high pressure sales then they will be put off coming and also tell others that they didn’t have a good time, and those people will also tell others the same.

Pick a date and time – making sure this event doesn’t clash with other local events (especially Highlands Motorsport race weekends) and that the preferred venue (Port Chalmers Town Hall) is available. Timing for us was set for 7:00 o’clock in the evening as it gave people a chance to get there after their dinner.

Check the venue – The Boss knows the venue well however if it was to be somewhere else, a site trip would be essential. Things to look for is parking, size, shape, lighting, ambience, catering facilities, sound system.

Content – Having said this isn’t a sales event, The Boss had some personal specials available as an incentive for attendance and also to further thank customers. We want this to be an event folks look forward to. A couple of games are used to break the ice and The Boss also has a short speech which I call the Indulgescents State of the Nation address, to explain what is new.

What to Display – Pretty much everything (an SUV and a car load) The Boss has collected including catalogues and props are laid out on tables around the hall in categories such as laundry, buddies, Disney (separate of course for compliance),  Christmas, warmers and diffusers. I’m next to useless when it comes to arty things so The Boss does the creative with the kids helping and me lugging the gear in.

What to Eat and Drink – Forget about the healthy food. This is a party so it’s savouries and sweets time.  Having some food left over which is OK as it is better than running out. My job on the night is drinks and it seems that Scentsy customers are not boozy with juice and Sprite being well ahead of the wine consumption. Maybe I should have had a few beers on offer? A tip for those that want to host events like this is to start buying drinks and frozen desert snacks and chips over a number of weeks to spread the costs out.

The Event – The Boss does a short welcome speech and tour of what is on display. A couple of games are played, everyone has a good time and goes home happy.

Cleanup – Family and friends of The Boss are super. We could not hold these events without their support and help.

So there you have it. A Scentsy Expo if you will to launch a new season or just to say “thank you” to all the customers and Scentsy friends that have helped over the past year.

All the hard work is worth it for the nice comments we got as people left and they are already keen for the next one.

Thank goodness for Sunday to recover…

2018 Expo
A full house for the 2018 New Season Launch at Port Chalmers Town Hall


Scentsy Husband – How it Began

It all started out innocently enough.

“Here, sniff this.” “What do you think?”

“It’s all right, quite nice”.

“Thought you’d like it, and wait, there’s more…”

That I think is how it began, the taking over of our house by Scentsy. I didn’t even know what Scentsy was all those years ago and could not really see the appeal at first. The gear smells great and the products are very well made, I got that bit however why such a fuss?

Gradually though, over time I’ve got to know more and appreciate how the house smells and how the warmers and diffuses look. I kind of had to really otherwise I think I’d have a breakdown.

This blog is from the point of view of the “other half” of a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Behind every great consultant is the support team of box lifters, IT Helpdesk, Web Site Administrators and “does this look alright” people who are mostly blokes that back their better half’s business.

What started out as a bit of an interest by Leanne soon turned into “I could become a consultant, host parties and get a discount!” Which, not long after became “Look, there are rewards of overseas travel I can earn if I get a team together”.

My attitude was and is, for Leanne to go for it. I could not and have not seen any downside to this venture, or “journey” as it is called.

There are a few changes in store for the Scentsy Husband:

  • Your house will look like Del and Rodney’s council flat when a big order is delivered
  • Markets require early starts on weekends for setup, hauling gear a long way from the car, setup time,  hauling back again.
  • Your friends are reminded they need more wax and that new ones have come out.
  • That new car smell doesn’t get a look in due to the Car Bar.
  • Any spare time you thought your Independent Consultant had is take up with the next campaign
  • There is much cutting, folding, stapling, label making and delivering.
  • Sitting in the audience of a Scentsy Reunion is like having a jet engine fire up in your right ear drum every time a new product or give away is announced. I’ve never seen people so enthusiastic for a product. I guess that is a testimant to how good the products are and how good Scentsy as an organisation is to deal with.

There will be future Scentsy Husband posts coming. In the meantime, there is samples to be made, the web site needs an update and boxes to be shifted.