Hi! Im Leanne, wife to Bill and mother to two pretty amazing kids.

I have had a life-long love of nice smelling things and have always had candles around the house but constantly worried about the kids or animals knocking them, or forgetting to ‘blow them out’ when I went out.

I stumbled across Scentsy at a Woman’s Expo and was drawn in by the amazing fragrances and the incredible warmers that finally gave me the safe alternative to candles! The more I researched, the more I discovered and the stronger my love of the product became.  Not only did Scentsy offer me the safe alternative to candles I had been looking for but with over 80+ fragrances to choose from and 40+ designs of warmer not to mention all the other home fragrance products they offered I was hooked!

I decided that I would sign up as a ‘kit-napper’ to be able to purchase my new-found love and earn commission back on my purchases. I signed up to Scentsy in late September 2016, I received my kit and decided I would take a chance and share my Scentsy kit with families and friends at a launch party. It was amazing to see their excitement as they sampled and experienced what Scentsy was all about. Three friends requested a Scentsy party that very first day and it has grown from there. I now have customers all over the country.

I have found Scentsy to be such a rewarding company. You have the opportunity to earn all-expenses paid trips and travel the world.  Since joining in late 2016 Bill and I have earned an all expenses paid Mediterranean Cruise, and an all expense paid trip to a luxury resort in Cancun Mexico. This year has seen me earn an all expenses paid trip to the Gold Coast. There are many training opportunities to help you build you business, and amazing support from other consultants.

I am my own Scentsy boss and work my Scentsy business around family and life commitments.   I can do it by sitting in the comfort of my own home, from the car at school pick-up, or by going into peoples homes and sharing Scentsy with them.

I have met some amazing people over the last 3 years with Scentsy and have supported a number of amazing people start their own work from home Scentsy business, both locally and internationally.

If you have a love of candles, home fragrance and decor or are interested in starting your own work from home business I would love to chat with you to help you decide if Scentsy is the perfect fit for you.

Feel free to join my Facebook Group to keep up to date with all things Scentsy.