Scentsy Husband – The “R” Word

“No, just posting on Facebook and waiting for the sales to come in won’t be enough.”

“If it isn’t working, you need to change what you are doing”.

What I’ve noticed from observing The Boss is that the best way to get up and going as well as keep customers happy is to meet them and look after them. It really is good old fashioned customer service.

  • Finding out what someone likes and why they want Scentsy
  • Helping to narrow down the choices
  • Bundling the products to get the best value
  • Presentation of Scentsy
  • Solving any issues straight away
  • Listening
  • Keeping folks informed of changes in the world of Scentsy, what is coming and what is leaving.

For sure, Scentsy products are so good that customers don’t need much of the above list however, doing those little things is what separates the good from the great.

Scentsy has an excellent online store that people can order directly from and quite a few do but it is the personal touch that people seem to remember. I suppose it is all about that “R” word, relationships. Yes, you read that from me in a blog post… Maybe this relationship thing is why so many Scentsy consultants are not blokes? However, I digress (again).

It may seem obvious however it needs to be stated: It is not possible to build a worthwhile relationship solely online, though I did hear something about “swiping right…” whatever that means.

Fortunately, Scentsy and The Boss, have a simple plan to starting well and continuing on:

  • Start with a “Launch Party” at home, and get help from up-line, those that have done this before. (Drinks and nibbles too)
  • Book parties with friends and family and guests from the launch party
  • Look after the host so their guests have fun and the host gets rewards.
  • Rinse and repeat (with Scentsy cleaning products of course).

If having a Scentsy Party, particularly a launch, at home isn’t possible or appealing then another venue or someone else’s house. Consultants, particularly in say London, sometimes need a central location such as a pub to host a party. I think I’d have to tag along on one of those if we did that here, for logistical support reasons of course.

Whatever or wherever the venue is, the most important thing to remember is build that personal relationship and then use tools such as Facebook, Marco Polo and Instagram to keep in touch and have fun doing so.

Party on!

Scentsy Husband – What is the Worse that Could Happen?

“How much!?”

“It’s great value, I’ll get a lot of product”.

“Right…, Anything else?”

“I’ll get the bigger kit after I host our party.”

“Our what!?”

That is pretty much how The Boss made that final move to join Scentsy, and we had quite a few ladies over for some food and drinks and a lot of laughs as they bought themselves some awesome gear and I got to do the dishes.

The Boss gets more than a few requests for information about joining Scentsy and it is great that Team Indulgescents is steadily growing. What I find interesting is the decision making process that people go through to either join the team or give it a miss.

There is the categories of people who enquire about joining that I’ve termed as “Hell Yeah!”, “Alright”, “Thinking”, “Not Now”.

The “Hell Yeah!” get after it and their party is a qualifying from the outset and they sign up there and then, collecting a lot of Host Rewards, booking their first party and getting after it straight away.

The “Alright”, are similar to “Hell Yeah!” but are a bit more reserved and sometimes take an extra party to sign on.

“Thinking” folks have been looking at Scentsy for a while, buying quite a bit of product over a long time and considering joining for almost as long. They like the other categories love the product but are not confident in selling (I prefer the phrase, “finding buyers” as Scentsy sells itself) as they think they don’t know many people. In short there is a real or perceived barrier.

“Not Now” people take a look, analyse the information and pull back. I’ve been in a role where “Not Now” is deemed to mean “No!” however, what The Boss and I have noticed is that after a few months a “Not Now” often jumps to “Alright” and turns out to have a lot more fun than they thought. The same sometimes happens to “Thinking”.

Whatever the category, the underlying reason is the same: The products are great and people genuinely love them.

Often we talk about all the travel opportunities and the extra (potentially unlimited) income that Scentsy can bring, and that is a good thing. It is great that targets are hit and those incentives often overseas, are great to attend, even if there is a certain amount of shopping to carry.

Say you are looking at joining Scentsy. Just as important for whatever category you are in, is to consider what the downside of signing up. What is there to be afraid of? What is the worse that can happen? Well, at worse, you get a kit with cheaper than standard price product and three months to sell $370 NZD worth of Scentsy in order to keep “active”. Your home, car, and workplace will smell great.

That is about as bad as it gets.  Which isn’t too bad really.

It’s a hard life coming home to the awesome smell of Cup of Comfort in the super classy Nova warmer.

Nova with Cup of Comfort