Scentsy Husband – The Challenges of Facebook (Posts not Being Seen).

One thing I noticed and bought to the boss’s attention on our way home from Scentsy Family Reunion 2018, is that Scentsy Consultants everywhere rely heavily on Facebook to get their messages out to their customers, potential customers as well as their team or down-line.

Quick and easy, Facebook Groups are setup to share information on what is new as well as any personal specials that are on offer. Group posts including Facebook Live give the opportunity to showcase new products quickly and get instant feedback. Online parties can be hosted and the host gets Scentsy Host Rewards.

Facebook Groups work so well that there isn’t any real reason to use anything else.

There is however, a risk to relying on the one platform; Facebook may make a change that stops the members of the group from seeing the posts with all the information.

Occasionally sites like Facebook may change their core algorithm which affects how items are found and seen. Late last week it wasn’t an algorithm change that affected Facebook group but a change to that defaults all groups that Facebook users have joined to show “Highlights” rather than All Posts. This means that users don’t get to see everything posted to a group that they belong to.

From the customer point of view this probably seems like a good idea, only the top posts from a group are shown on your Timeline. From a poster’s point of view this is a disaster. Posts that usually attract 90 – 150 views end up dropping to 0 – 6! Being unable to reach customers in the way they expect or like is not good.

Ideally, we need to tell the customers to revert the setting to show “All Posts” however it is difficult to let them know there is a problem as they can’t see the posts in the group that has the instructions.

We need a post to tell group members of the problem but because the post is not being seen, they don’t even know there is a problem. Using Facebook Messenger to send out an alert to all contacts has proven to be time consuming and also had the side effect of being locked out of Messenger due to “unusual activity”.

What to do about this problem? First, we found where the settings are to change so we can tell people about it and also to set our own Facebook so we don’t miss out on information in Groups we have subscribed to. Next, we will need to use different channels to get our messages out such as a good old mailing list to push out newsletters (working on this now), Instagram, Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and getting Google sorted out.

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with customers and team however it should not be the only platform as the risks are just too high that there is a change to the way it works and communication is lost.

If you are missing out on information from your favourite Facebook groups then please try the instructions below (thanks Scott Watson for the tip) to setup your notifications. I’m off to build a mailing list which is another story.

Changing Facebook Closed Group Notification Settings




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